The History

It is simply a matter of professional ETHICS: having created Golden Line Srl in 1989, without ever having changed it.
It was adapted with skill and attention to habits, lifestyles, cultures and it evolved slowly almost like a tailored suit. Yes, because also our organization, our investments are the result of a single and essential thought that preserves all that is actually Made in Italy, supplying customers all over. All thanks to Antonio and Angelo and their thirty years of story together.

Golden Line has shared, friendly, with all customers all kinds of vicissitudes which have contributed to the birth of the pureOPERA style all over the world.
Always, the focus target of OPERA is the LOYALTY and we do it with utmost care and instinct through RELIABILITY, INNOVATION and COMMUNICATION.

For us of OPERA, passion, dedication and true values are the way to run along every day. The commitment to our customers, the continuous trust in our human resources, the quality of products are all values contained in the skills and wisdom of the founders.