Get involved by the quiet noise of those who create in our prototypes room. When you enter the kingdom of creativity, you let yourself be seduced by the wise and thoughtful gestures, by the precision of the hands and gestures that only an expert and a careful craftsman can exalt. Giving grace and form to a padding, that is polyurethane foam or goose feather, seeking out the best in every fold of the leather, hand sewing his own creation without ever having produced a masterpiece more beautiful before . and every time it’s always the first time.

These are the gestures and the philosophy that embellish your sofa. The care that Opera puts on its sofas is and always will be that of the Italian craftsmen who not only create your living room in Italy, but that it’s produced only by Italian hands. And so each masterpiece has always to be unique.

And you notice it at first sight from the beautiful shapes and from the special and unique care. An emotion that first of all is aroused in whose who give life to the idea and, then, in anyone who can appreciate the originality of the lines and forms. For that, we strongly try to create something that can be appreciated and loved by those who choose Opera. This is what happens to us every time we think and create a masterpiece for you …. Yes, because Opera thinks for you something unique, excellent,….a Work of Art.