What Golden Line Srl with its brand Opera translates in a product today is a philosophy full of traditions and values put in fi eld to determine Reliability, Innovation and Communication.
It is so that we turn a simple concept, as the production, into an orchestrated symphony to become a real Opera masterpiece, such to guarantee the reliability through a rapid and effi cient service, that runs along the whole process, not only productive but, above all, ideational, deciphering your desires and turning them into objects.

Personalizing them as only who produces everything into its own factory, knows how to do. This is Opera style.
And we don’t stop there. Innovation is the hauling reason for Opera collections, but without forgetting the handicraft traditions and the personal passion that pushes every Worker toward the correct combination between experience and innovation. But in order to give a sense to all this, it’s necessary to know how to transmit it to everybody. That’s why for us the communication becomes the vehicle of our most important objectives.
A catalog well edited in the details, clarity of the information, transparent and advantageous promotions, advertising. Only in this way the brand Opera and its partners will be winners on the market.

We imagine people that every day are relaxed happy, families that are gathered calm and a future that is built together, comfortably sat on an Opera lounge. And this is possible only with humility, abnegation and determination without taking away the attention from You who are the only true reason that every day pushes us to create, to plan, to realize and improve.

Customer Opera, welcome in our world…