Made in Italy

Speaking of Made in Italy is not just to illustrate a simple manufacturing process developed in the Italian territory.
For OPERA, translating an idea, an intuition or a feeling in MADE IN ITALY, it means to involve every single person around us.
Our customer, our agent who represents us, our designer who designs, our prototypist who creates, our carpenter who develops the wooden structure, our worker who develops the comfort, our cutter who brings out the best cut from the leather, our sewer who sews meticulously, our upholsterer who takes care of the shape and defi nes the look and finally the last but not least, the controller who checks carefully, refines, packs and identifi es the unique OPERA masterpiece for you.

And all this happens in Italy, in Gravina in Puglia, in the minds and in the hands of skilled italian artisans who share with OPERA 30 years of history and values.
OPERA is one of the last realities in the upholstery fi eld in Italy. Consciously, OPERA still believes that everything must be produced inside the own factory, without using outside subcontractors; acting in this way, it means to create an exclusive, personalised and unique product.

As the production process and people only speak a single language, the ITALIAN, also the materials that are used in our masterpieces are exclusively ITALIAN, such as wood, polyurethane foam, leather, fabric, cotton, mechanisms, etc. Here, everything speaks only and exclusively Italian.