30 years of virtue hide on hide

For us of OPERA, passion, dedication and true values are the way to run along every day.

Culture and Modernity

The commitment to our customers, the continuous trust in our human resources, the quality of products are all values contained in the skills and wisdom of the founders.

Italian artisans

Minds and hands of talented designers, prototype developers, designers, carpenters, cutters, staplers and tapezzieri.

Contemporary Style and Comfort guaranteed

As the production process and people only speak a single language, the ITALIAN, also the materials that are used in our masterpieces are exclusively ITALIAN.

Simple and effective mechanisms

A pleasant way to recharge on our sofa or recliner, comfortable, soft, very practical and comfortable.


We seal the quality through the delivery of a masterpiece to your house.

Our vision and the mission

we strongly try to create something that can be appreciated and loved by those who choose Opera. This is what happens to us every time we think and create a masterpiece for you .... Yes, because Opera thinks for you something unique, excellent,….a Work of Art.
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“Translating in MADE IN ITALY

An idea, an intuition, a feeling, involves every single person around us. Our client, the partner who represents us, the designer who designs the prototypist that creates, the carpenter who develops the structure.
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Our Collections